Application Installation

Install the “ME:I Official Light Stick” App.


If you do not have a smartphone, or only have a 3G phone, please register your light stick using your friends’ or family members’ smartphone. Otherwise, you can visit the help desk at the concert for support. If you have more than one light stick, you can repeat the same procedure to register the light sticks to your smartphone. Registration will start the day before the concert. Please turn on the Bluetooth function of your smartphone before registration.

1. Launch the App

After installing the app, tap the app icon to launch the app.

2. Concert Mode

Select Concert Mode.

3. Concert List

Select the date of the concert you are attending. If you are attending multiple days of the concert, you must enter the seat information accordingly after each show. Tap “Enter Seat Information” button. Or tap “Scan QR/Barcode” button.

4. Enter Seat Page

Enter the ticket’s seat information from the left fields to the right. You can select the seat by scrolling through each of the field. After entering the seat information, please check that all the information is correct.

5. Check Registered Seat Page

Confirm that the seat information registered on the app matches your ticket information and the one registered to your light stick.

6. Bluetooth Connection

Prepare the light stick and follow the instructions on the screen. Confirm that the light stick is blinking in blue then tap the “Connect” button. If you bring the light stick close to the smartphone’s screen, a Bluetooth connection pop-up will appear. Tap the connect button. If the changes in the light stick’s color match the smartphone’s screen, tap the “Confirm” button. If you failed to connect to Bluetooth, please try again from the first step of the Bluetooth connection.

7. Seat Information Resgistration Complete

If the seat information is registered correctly into the light stick, the pop-up “Light Stick’s Seat Registration Complete” will appear.